Amazon has announced that both their Echo speaker and their Music Unlimited service are now available in 28 additional countries.

Note: You can continue to access Amazon Music Unlimited until the end date.
Get any of the current devices right … For a huge selection of tens of millions of grooves and tunes, you can now get the Amazon Music Unlimited Echo plan for $3.99 per month and listen on a single Amazon Echo, Echo Dot or Amazon Tap (a portable, Alexa-enabled Bluetooth speaker), or the soon-to-be-released Echo Plus and all updated Echo devices. Music Unlimited will be available in the same three tiers as in US, which is an Echo only plan, a single user plan, and a family plan.

After this date, any Amazon Music Unlimited titles you've added to My Music will be grayed out, with playback options removed. If you fall into this camp, you might consider the Echo Plan for Amazon Music Unlimited, which gives you all the benefits of Amazon Music Unlimited on a single Echo device at a smaller price. Select the Cancel option in your Subscription Renewal details. The Echo Dot and Amazon Music Unlimited bundle is on sale for £24.99 on Amazon, saving you 70% on list price. Use the Echo-Only Plan.

Confirm the cancellation. Listen to your favourite songs from Echo And The Bunnymen.

Keep in mind that Amazon Music Unlimited ($7.99 per month) can give you access to 50 million songs, so if you enjoy using this free tier with Alexa, you … The £8.99 Echo Dot includes membership to Amazon Music Unlimited, the brand's music streaming service - meaning the Echo Dot is actually priced at … Try the Amazon Music Unlimited Echo plan. Download our mobile app now. Most people who have an Amazon Echo use it for playing music. Stream ad-free with Amazon Music Unlimited on mobile, desktop, and tablet. The catch though is that the $3.99 plan can only be used from a single device.
Amazon Music Unlimited, the new stand-alone music streaming service from Amazon, launched this morning with an enticing $3.99 per month option for Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, and Amazon Tap owners. Go to the Amazon Music Unlimited section. If you’re just using it with one Amazon Echo, or one Echo Dot, it’s just £3.99 per month. How much does Amazon Music Unlimited cost? Pricing for both the devices and the music service will vary by country. 3.

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